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Joyce flies a lot.

Joyce flies so much our calendars are marked when Joyce is actually in Portland, not just when she’s traveling to shoot in say, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, or Chicago—which is where she is right now (I’m pretty sure).

And logging all those miles means Joyce’s frequent flier status is out of this world.

She’s regularly bumped up to first class, as is anyone she’s traveling with. She gets to hang out in those private lounges where she sits in comfy chairs and drinks bourbon while emailing a thousand people about a thousand different things.

When she arrives at the gate, the attendants roll out a long gold carpet (not even red—gold!) for her and her roller suitcase of lenses to walk up. And when they scan her ticket, they give her her favorite snack, gummy bears. They deliver them one by one on her tongue, like a wafer on Sunday mass.

Or at least, that’s how I imagine it to be.

She logs a lot of miles for the commercial side of Stillmotion, but also too, for Stillmotion’s education side.

And this year is no different.

In fact, all three creative directors here at Stillmotion—Patrick, Joyce, and Amina—are logging a lot of miles all over the globe to share our storytelling process at different seminars, conferences, and workshops.

From the super-intensive EVO Experience to a talk at TEDxSalem, these events present the awesome chance for members of the Stillmotion team to interact and share our storytelling process in person. It’s always been such an incredible opportunity to often meet and learn other perspectives.

We’ve long valued education and our commitment to helping others become better, more moving storytellers has only gotten stronger.

It’s about empowering other people to tell the stories they know they have inside them but have yet to tell, and creating fun, engaging tools and a process to help them find a way to do so.

Let’s look at all the different continents we’re hitting this year…

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North America


Head to Oregon’s capital on October 3 to catch Patrick give a talk on storytelling at TEDxSalem. While the more well-known TED Conference offers guidance to TEDxSalem, the event is independently organized. The one-day conference combines TEDTalks video and live speakers to foster a discussion and facilitate a connection within a small group.

The theme of this year’s TEDxSalem is “Be Fearless.”


Other speakers include Michael Davis, the executive director of the Statesman Journal and author of a book on the pretty awesome subject of Sesame Street, titled Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street; and Sukhsim­ran­jit Singh, a professor at the Willamette University College of Law, among others.

Tickets will become available soon. The folks at TEDxSalem suggest keeping an eye on their Facebook page and Twitter page to see when they go on sale.


EVO Experience PDX

While this has sold out (in one day, no less!) it still deserves a mention because it’s going to be one of the most intense and rewarding week of twelve filmmakers’ lives.

The five-day filmmaking intensive invites twelve filmmakers to our home Portland, to chase down the story of a local nonprofit. Spend the first day learning MUSE, our storytelling process, and the first evening learning more about gear. Day two is group challenges and pre-production to become acquainted with your team and your nonprofit. Then another day of pre-production before spending day four shooting and editing. The final day is spent in post before premiering the piece and celebrating everyone’s hard work.

Expect little sleep.

EVO Experience PDX is sold out, but we still have spots available in Australia, if that’s closer to your neck of the woods—or if you’re looking for one of the most sleep-deprived yet fulfilling adventure holidays of your life.

Which brings us to…


Australia & New Zealand

AUS Tour

Storytelling with Heart Perth & Melbourne & Sydney & Auckland

Thanks to AIPP, Story & Heart, and Rode, we’re taking our MUSE storytelling process to Australia and New Zealand.

Spend the day with Joyce and Patrick as they break down MUSE, our 8-step patent-pending storytelling process. Learn about story structure, what makes strong characters, how to identify different conflicts, and how journey can enrich your story.

Also, learn how to conduct remarkable interviews—how to get real honest, emotion from your interviewees. And learn how to be a proactive—rather than reactive—storyteller and what that means in terms of gear.

There are still spots available, but they’re filling up pretty fast. AIPP, one of the sponsors of the tour, is taking care of the ticketing, so visit Perth, Melbourne, Sydney,and Auckland respectively, to book your tickets.

Psst, now through May 20, sign up with the code friendsofstillmotion to get 10% off your ticket for Storytelling with Heart.


EVO Experience Sydney & Melbourne

Considered to be life-changing by many former participants, EVO Experience Sydney and Melbourne is a four-day storytelling adventure. Day one begins with the Storytelling with Heart seminar in which you’ll learn our storytelling process, MUSE.

On the second day, you’ll put MUSE to the test when you begin pre-production. Each team of six filmmakers, who have either Joyce or Patrick for guidance, will get briefs on the nonprofit whose story they will tell. The next day is shooting and editing and the final day is—whew!—post, premiering the films, and then…the celebration!

Then you probably sleep. For a long time.

Tickets are still available, get yours for EVO Experience Sydney and EVO Experience Melbourne.

Here’s some cool BTS from a former EVO PDX to give you an idea of what to expect:
[vimeo video_id=”70484473″ width=”640″ height=”480″ title=”Yes” byline=”Yes” portrait=”Yes” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]


South America

FilmeCon Brasil

In June, Patrick heads to Brazil to give a talk and host a workshop on storytelling. He’ll be one of two North American filmmakers (the other is Joe Simon) to present at FilmeCon Brasil, the largest audiovisual conference of the country.


The conference begins at 8 a.m. with morning coffee, then presentations by Brazil’s Rialta Filmes and others, before breaking for lunch. After lunch, Joe Simon speaks, then Patrick gives a 1-hour talk, What a story really is and how to use it in your films, before another break for coffee and networking, then a debate and a closing sweepstakes contest.

Two days later, Patrick hosts an 4-hour workshop that explores the 4 Pillars of Story, why they are essential to your story, and how you can maximize them within your wedding films. The workshop also looks at specific and tangible techniques on how to find the story within any wedding couple; how to develop your story before you show up; how to have more clarity on what to shoot (and what not to shoot); and our guide to Ninja Filmmaking–how to a proactive, rather than reactive, filmmaker.

Purchase tickets through Filme Con Brasil’s website.



Easywed 2015

When Patrick and Joyce will be sharing our storytelling process down under, Amina will be in Beijing serving as story judge and speaker at Easywed 2015, which is billed as the top wedding business summit in China.

The video competition comes in two categories, Wedding Day and Non-Wedding Day, the latter of which is still related to couple’s love stories and other creative content. Amina will judge each video based on story, cinematography, and post-production skills, and rate them on a scale of 0 to 100. One hundred is perfect while something in the 60s is considered amateur.

You have until June 10 to submit your video to be judged by Amina.

On the third day of the conference Amina whips out her little white remote control to guide her Powerpoint presentation on storytelling. Amina is the keynote speaker, and will present for the entirety of the final day.

Tickets are available here through the event website.




On June 2, Big League Film School hosts its fourth Big League CineSummit in which nine cinematographers from around the world host 1-hour talks–online, for the world to see. The event spans 24 hours, with each filmmaker’s talk airing at different scheduled times.

big league

Patrick was invited to speak, and will give a talk on defining a personal filmmaking style.

He’ll discuss how to maintain creative control, how to develop a filter to help with filmmaking decisions, and how to apply that filter to everything from what you see through the lens to yourself to the copy on your studio’s website.

It’s free to register and watch, but if you miss the talk or want it saved to watch at a later time you pay a fee.



While we have all of our speaking events and workshops listed here in one convenient place, we also have them all listed conveniently in another–new–section of the site as well.

In our top navigation is a new section called Events. As you’d expect, this is where you can find information, links, and maps for each of these workshops.

This is where we’re headed this year. Which events should we speak at next year?


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