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uwera + john – a day of heat, and i'm not only talking about the weather

By September 6, 2011News

once again, back to my favourite city in the world, nyc!! this time we got to spend it with an amazing couple, uwera (way-ha) and john. we flew in and went straight to dinner with the both of them at a malaysian restaurant, there we shared some good food and definitely some good laughs. topics of conversation included the military, as john was in the army, messy closets, cats and dogs (with photos provided), random last names, and meeting “the one” when you’re drunk. 3 and a half hours later we realized the restaurant was closing and we haven’t touched base on any plans for the wedding (oops!) we walked outside and we STILL weren’t done with each other, we stood outside the restaurant talking till they turned off all the lights us. “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” basically.

it was a VERY hot few days, about 100 degrees! but our couples always make the reality of it all, much less painful 🙂

manda panda

we got to witness a very important and interesting african tradition for a marriage, a gusaba; where the groom’s side of the family go and negotiate with the bride’s side for her hand in marriage. in true rwanda form, this could take up to a week, this was a few hours.

there were negotiations for each sheet of fabric laid on top of uwera

the wedding day. view from the empire hotel

it was beyond hot that day

uwera trying so hard not to cry and ruin her makeup after her bridesmaids had some really nice things to say about her 🙂

some traditional dancing!

a rockin DJ

sealed with a kiss and dance moves


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  • Lizabeth says:

    Stunning photography! I could relive the night(s) through these beautiful photos! DLLying to see more! 🙂 Uwera darling, you are breathtaking! John; very handsome indeed! God bless you both! 🙂 -Liz