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the evo winning shorts

By November 27, 2011April 15th, 2015News

we absolutely work best as a team and we could’t have got to where we are now without each other, and that extends well beyond the SM family. the constant support we receive from our sponsors has helped push our films as well as our educational endeavours. for EVO we had a great group of sponsors that supported the workshop by providing gear and/or prizes. this comes together to make a more challenging experience for attendees and has everybody leaving with that much more hands on experience. below we have the winning films from EVO San Fran, but before we share those inspirational shorts, we wanted to say a couple words to all of our fabulous supporters;

Cinevate // so we’ve all seen various cinevate sliders in tough situations before, but never as tough as what it went through this time around. it’s been under and over cars, chairs, and worst of it all, licked by puppies! ok, so they may not be the toughest of situations but because they are so portable and makes such a cinematic impact with such a small footprint, it definitely helped in situations where space is tight and unfamiliar environments. with that said, their generosity has not only helped in “class” time, but also some very lucky attendees post workshop by providing a Simplis, won by Danny and an Atlas FLT, won by Peter. thank you so much.

Lens Pro To Go // when have we needed you and you not be there? i’m not just talking about lenses and cameras. perhaps you remember the lack of speakers incident at wppi 2011? organizing a workshop can be a lot of work, with all the logistics, workshop experiences, food, hotels and gear. your organization in labelling your equipment and easy return shipping methods was a huge stress reliever. of course thats not the only reason why you guys are great, but the fact that we can trust that everything you send us is in prime shape ready to use, helps tremendously.

smallHD // there were many instances where not having you would’ve been impossible. our attendees never fail to surprise us with creative and unique ideas. execution may sometimes be hard and not always possible, but having smallHD onboard really opened up the doors to some different places they could put the camera. team Russia had a great idea to shoot part of their film from the perspective of a box looking out, having the smallHd meant they didn’t have to guess their way through the shot which is so very important on the tight timelines they had .

Kessler Crane // nothing gets our attendees more excited than being able to play with big toys, and Kessler Crane never disappoints. everyone was told from the beginning of the workshop that for the shoot day they are welcomed to use any “big boy” gear they wanted but they must provide us with a solid rationale as to why that tool was needed. Kessler provided a cineslider, pocketjib, and KC-12 all for attendees to use during the workshop all of which offered huge gains in production value in the shorts.

Profoto // we made some new friends and we couldn’t wait to share with everyone last week. Profoto sent out two of their 800watt HMIs and they were used almost exclusively to light the set, both for in class demos and for the shorts. with a selection of lenses, barn doors, and soft box options it couldn’t be easier to shape the light to fit any situation and the Profoto air remote let us turn the HMIs on and off from anywhere in the room as well as tweaking the levels so they were just right.

Shootsac // we’ve been spending a lot of time together these days but we haven’t expressed just how grateful we are for our shootsacs. nobody knows on-the-go more than Jessica Claire, and the shootsacs most certainly helped on all our on-location shoots at EVO.

Zacuto // every shoot, every workshop, every production Zacuto’s z-finder is one of the most important things we pack aside from our cameras and lenses. these nuits handle everything we have been able to throw at them and that says a ton. a thank you is also in order for providing a z-finder for another winning attendee josh. 🙂

Tiffen/Seadicam // there’s been many a times during the day that we can expect someone really excited to try on the steadicam  just take a walk around the studio and see what it feels like. it is the closest thing we have to a standup video game in the studio. needless to say no one is ever disappointed with how great the result is. steadicam is a serious invest for a filmmaker to make and it can radically change their films and what they offer, so it is awesome that we are able to have extra units on hand for attendees to try on just to see what works for them.

With Etiquette // a huge thanks to WE for supplying tracks for the groups to use for both their shorts and business films. WE also provided a pile of licenses for attendees as prizes.

Canon Live Learning // last but not least we’d like to thank Canon Live Learning for their support over EVO. by sending a large pile of camera bodies and lenses (in addition to LPTG) it meant we could provide each team with a set of camera, primes, and zooms so everybody could try the best of Canon glass and not need to bring their own gear.

on behalf of sm and all of our attendees we’d like to sincerely thank each and every one of you in making EVO possible and helping us all become better filmmakers and storytellers. below are some shots of EVO in action.


with all that being said, here are the winning films from this years EVO. assignments were given to teams (of 4) Tuesday night so they could review and prepare. on Wednesday each group had 4 hours to shoot either their business or short films.

the winning business film is for a local company called West Coast Classic Customs created by team Island Fever.

[vimeo video_id=”32760640″ width=”640″ height=”360″ title=”No” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]

the winning short film was created entirely in studio and almost all in our set. congrats to team EC/WC on their brilliant short.

[vimeo video_id=”32760681″ width=”640″ height=”360″ title=”No” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]

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