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Now that it’s official, let’s get to the good stuff. We have some serious storytelling business to attend to :)

First, as promised, our ebook on How To Build A Story That Will Move Your Viewer Every Time will hit your inbox any second. And in just two days, we’ll send you One Rule That Will Make All Your Stories Stronger.

We’ve been working on these for quite some time :)

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On top of that, by joining us here, you’ll regularly receive one of three things; stories, offers, or opportunities.

Stories are our ideas on storytelling and filmmaking. We put tons of time and thought into sharing our filmmaking experiences in a way that can truly make a difference in your journey.

As we share them on the blog, we’ll also deliver them right to your inbox. Whenever you receive a story that you really connect with, we hope you’ll take a moment and interact with us on the blog by joining the conversation.

Offers are exclusive discounts or specials that we are excited to bring to you from time to time. We’ll only bring you opportunities that are exciting and different.

Just by joining us here we’ll always send you special offers to join us for any Stillmotion events. We also work hard to bring you some nifty offers from our industry partners and friends that we believe in.

Opportunities are sneak peeks into things we are building or a chance to come out and join us on a shoot. We love to connect in real-life as much as possible.

Whenever we get set to launch a new course, book, or other educational tool, we’ll often reach out for a chance to check it out and let us know what you think. That feedback is critical in helping to make the ideas as strong as they can be and helpful to as many people as possible. If you email and let us know something doesn’t make sense to you, it likely didn’t make sense to 10 other people too – and that’s our mistake. But when you let us know, we can make better tools that are clearer and more effective.

We also love to bring in people to help on various roles for our shoots whenever possible. In 2014 we had over a dozen shoots where we offered paid roles on shoots to our friends of Stillmotion first.

We’re excited to have you here.

– Patrick, Joyce, Amina, Mary and the entire Stillmotion team

Patrick Moreau

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I love stories that challenge the way we see things.