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tara + lee's portrait film // a mixed pickle

By September 6, 2011News

this is our version of what might otherwise be called a ‘love story’ (we just can’t handle calling it that). the idea is to create a portrait of the couple, in this case tara and lee, through cinema, and to share that with their friends and family at their wedding.

the idea for all of this came straight from tara and lee. we asked what they liked to do together and what they enjoyed about new york. we spent the better part of the day following them around as they went through a walk in central park, got some cupcakes, and cooked dinner together.

what i love is how honest and intimate their film feels. by letting them take us where they normally do and allowing everything to happen naturally, it gives us a cute little window into their world. throughout the day we stopped in a couple places and encouraged them to chat with each other about some things related to the city, their engagement, and how they got here.

what was really special about putting this together was also how much they both enjoyed the experience. by keeping it so natural but also exploratory, it let them share a lot of things that they really hadn’t had time to chat about in quite some time.

this film debuted at their reception this past weekend. it helped to open the reception and invite the couple into the room. later that night it followed with their epic same day edit (which we will be posting soon :)


[vimeo video_id=”28662534″ width=”640″ height=”360″ title=”No” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]

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  • Lali Marte says:

    Great One ! me encanto ! :)

  • Arvind Sharma says:


  • Steve says:

    Very interesting seeing their very natural, cute conversations with eachother as if no one was in the room. I think that’s what helped make it feel so intimate (of course, it helps having a super cute couple ;). I love the rush of playing a film that introduces the couple to everyone before the enter the room. Lucky ducks being able to top that off with an SDE.

  • Tara + Lee says:

    We adore this film. It is so the core of our lives in New York and just really was special having that captured on film. Thank you so much for everything. Watching this for the first time through a side curtain at the reception before we entered is a memory I will never forget. Thank you so much – and that doesn’t cover it. We feel so lucky to have had you at our wedding!