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ShootQ is a great resource that allows you to manage your different shoots all in one place, and it’s especially useful for covering weddings and events. It’s valuable because it automates the business side of things — automatically sending reminder emails to your clients, invoicing, and reminding you of follow-up tasks that need to be completed.

This is going to save you hundreds of hours of monotonous email sending. Technology is advanced enough to do these things for you… use it to your advantage!

LensPro ToGoLensProToGo_logo

Sometimes it really makes a lot more sense to rent the equipment you need for a particular shoot, rather than buy.

We love LensPro ToGo and we use it all the time! You can order something from them and receive it the next day, they’re constantly shipping things out. What’s really nice is that you get one flat rate that includes the rental, shipping, and return delivery with boxes included… so sweet, so simple.

We strongly recommend working with this company! It’s also a great way to try out gear you’re thinking about buying.

We love LensPro ToGo!

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