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KNOW – Field Guide to Filmmaking – $79

If only we had this guide when we began our journey as a studio.

Every page of this book is designed to provide information that would have saved us years of development, countless all-nighters, dozens of impulsively purchased pizzas, and a few miles of running through airports.

Here’s what this field guide covers:

  • How to find your voice, and find the confidence to use it
  • Pre-production will save your life: how and why?
  • Write a bid and treatment that will make your client fall in love with you
  • The basics of lighting and why it matters
  • Prevent bad audio from ruining your movie
  • How to choose the perfect lens for your story
  • When to move (and when NOT to move) the camera
  • How to save hours of time in post-production

A combination of our own stories, step-by-step guidelines, and interactive worksheets will make this field guide your best friend throughout the filmmaking process.

Deconstructing a Main Feature DVD – $149

Why do we make the choices that we do?

Time and time again we are asked this question, and for good reason — creating a feature film is about making hundreds of choices, every single step of the way. Since we’re asked about our choices so frequently, we decided to show you how we make them rather than tell you by breaking down each step of production on a typical feature film.

In this DVD you’ll sit down with Patrick Moreau as he deconstructs the choices we made throughout our adventure in Paris shooting Jamie and Carey’s wedding.

Stuff we’ll cover in this DVD:

  • Staying in line with the vision throughout the shoot
  • Editor and shooter relationships: they’re a beautiful thing
  • Making a bunch of little stories into one big story
  • Organizing EVERYTHING into a long-form edit

Basically, if you’re dying to know why we do the things we do, this DVD is going to show you why— and how, and when, and what, and where….

Making the Most of Short-Form Edits DVD – $149

Every single frame matters.

This is true for any film you’ll make, but it’s especially true with short-form edits. Whether the material you’re working with is for commercial or wedding clients, your short-form edits are often the showpiece that is shared, blogged, and talked about. Every frame is a reflection of you and your company, and it’s your job to make sure the audience doesn’t get bored.

What we focus on in this one:

  • A dissection of one of our signature wedding films 
  • Patrick Moreau walks you through a Stillmotion highlights film
  • Learn to assemble (and reassemble) shots to create impact in a scene

Creating a short-form edit can be a rather vague and ambiguous process, and we’ve found that it can be hard to know where to start. we wanted to make this tutorial to provide you with a full framework for taking your footage and making it into a strong short-form edit.

Deconstructing DVD Bundle – $299

Of course you want it all.

With this bundle, you’ll have all the essential educational tools you need to create both an engaging highlights film and a quality long-form feature. The bundle pack is complemented by our field guide, giving you the essentials of filmmaking in a handy 367-page workbook.

Basically, if you’re looking to revolutionize your filmmaking process with all three of the tools we offer, we didn’t want you to have to purchase them separately.

This bundle includes:

  • Deconstructing a Main Feature DVD
  • Making the Most of Short-Form Edits DVD
  • KNOW Field Guide to Filmmaking

Whether you purchase the whole bundle or any one of these tools, we just want to see you get the most out of your time and hard work. We know what you’re struggling with, and these tools are here to help.


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