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Stillmotion EDU Developer/Tech Guru

By April 10, 2013Uncategorized

Hey there! I’m Adam Baker β€” I lead our Education department here at Stillmotion.

We’re a rapidly growing group of 4-5 part of a larger team of 15 filmmakers.

We’ve got dozens of amazing projects on our plate β€” and need a creative Developer & Tech Guru to bring our visions to life (and ensure we stay up and active online).

First step, read every single word on this page. πŸ™‚

What we are hiring:

  • 8 week trial period β€” as an intern β€” over the course of which we’ll ensure this is an amazing fit.
  • $15/hour – roughly 35-40 hours per week during this period (You’ll be 1099’d as a contractor).
  • After the initial 8 weeks, ifΒ it’s a great fit, we’ll bring you on full-time, salaried. πŸ™‚
  • Starts immediately! (MUST LIVE IN PORTLAND)

The Education department is responsible for moving Stillmotion’s blog forward (, our email marketing and newsletters, our app (, an upcoming podcast, all training tutorials (free and paid), online and live workshops/trainings, and coordinating speaking opportunities.

We’re also involved in several projects within the blogging and online business education worlds.

Stillmotion is an Emmy-winning production studio that works on everything from feature length documentaries, to unique weddings, to broadcast television segments (especially for sports).

Essentially, anytime Stillmotion is teaching or helping filmmakers – in any form (written, audio, video, live) we will be making sure it’s an exceptional experience.

I (Adam Baker) run the educational department. You’ll work very, very closely with me – every day.

As the general technical wizard for the team – you’ll also work the Commercial and Originals departments from time to time – especially with various domains, emails, servers, etc…

You’ll also asked to help bring the vision of our online studio to life. This includes the blog, tools for filmmakers, live streaming events, and developing out courses and membership sites. Our online education opportunities are exploding β€” and we’re currently held back by not having a passionate member of the team with the technical know-how to bring these opportunities to life online.

Good news: we have full-time people dedicated to design, so you won’t be expected to design these things from a blank slate. Rather, you’ll be giving your input into the design and feel of our online assets, and then you’ll have a specific template/design to make into something real, operational, and functional.

We’ll give you the goods, and you’ll tinker with it until it’s ALIVE! πŸ˜‰

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, here’s some more info…

Absolute requirements (no exceptions):

  • Over 18 and eligible to work in U.S. (duh)
  • LIVE IN PORTLAND, OREGONΒ (sorry, no exceptions. Live in Portland).
  • Will require transportation to office (SE Portland β€” Lincoln and 7th).
  • Flexible, dedicated, hungry β€” this isn’t a clock in, do the work, go home kind of job or company. The whole team is incredible generous and kind, but we work insanely hard. Flexibility, and a do-what-it-takes attitude is a must or you just won’t fit in. Just being honest!
  • Care about telling stories that matter. I mean really care, not just because you need a job right now. πŸ˜‰ Stillmotion wants to serve the world through sharing stories that impact people on a deep level. Our Education department is the same way. We’re here to help other filmmakers learn to tell deeper, more meaningful stories.

Strong preferences (these get you big bonus points):

  • You are a creative, assertive problem solver.Β You focus more on how things COULD work together, rather than making excuses for why they don’t. You’re constantly looking for new angles, ways to achieve what you want…basically you don’t take NO for an answer when your developing.
  • You are a master of all things WordPress! Β We use WordPress for a lot of things. Not only is it the core of our blog (which is the primary way we help filmmakers), but it’s also the core of our online training and membership sites (and courses) we have planned for the future. You know it inside and out, and can style it to do your bidding. πŸ™‚
  • You are hungry to learn anything you don’t yet know.Β While we need you to come with a basic knowledge that allows you to bring value, we are willing to help you grow and learn along the way. Haven’t worked with one particular software or language we want to use in the future? BOOM β€” let’s attack it together. If you have the passion to learn and grow – we’re willing to support that when it applies to our future online.
  • You have a background in online business, selling online, or marketing online.Β You’ve built stores, sales pages, you’ve helped market, arrange copy, improve conversions, or grow a new businesses. The core of what we need is in development, but development skills are always improved by a passion for the business side of the online world as well.
  • You love the medium of video for storytelling (or you enjoy filmmaking).Β Every now and then we will record tutorials, shoot content, edit videos, and all sorts of fun film related things. You aren’t required to be an amazing cinematographer β€” I suck at shooting through a camera β€” but you will be asked to help as an assistant on our education shoots. You’ll enjoy the internship and job much more if this turns you on – you enjoy the movie magic, and you’re excited when we go to record and shoot tutorials/videos.

Other notes:

  • Hours will fluctuate at times (within certain days). We’re extremely fair, but sometimes we may have an all day shoot, somedays (most days) we may work out of the main office, and some days we may work on set (or from home). You are likely used to this as a developer. You’ll need to be able to be flexible to fit into the team well. You’ll be paid fairly, on-time, and for all your effort – but there’s no bell that rings and everyone lines up to clock out. We generally work 9 or 10 ish to 5 or 6 ish – and with your help planning – we should know about most long shoot days and other weird days are. If you have a particular life situation that only allows you to available during a specific window – this isn’t the right opportunity.

Software/skills we currently use in our business (the more of these you have, the better):

  • Company-wide email through Google Apps
  • Dozens of domains and forwarding
  • Hosting of various websites
  • Off-site server hosting here at the studio
  • Google Analytics (among other analytics)
  • CSS (huge)
  • HTML 5
  • PHP (light)
  • Payment Processing (Paypal and Stripe)
  • Shopify (and other storefront options)
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Live Streaming (Ustream and others)
  • Iphone/Android development
  • Video hosting and external players
  • Wishlist and membership sites
  • Forums & Chat software (for membership sites)
  • Forms, Surveys, and Email Optins

You aren’t expected to have every bullet point above mastered, but this list gives you a good idea at the variety of applications and softwares we use on a daily basis.

We’re also open to making changes in the future, and migrating to better options for our needs. You’ll be responsible for helping ensure we are using the best tools to maximize our effort.


If you haven’t read every word on this page:

Stop what you are doing and scroll back and read every word. It’s super important you feel this is an AMAZING fit. Not just a job, but an “Oh my god this is me! This is me!” type of job.

Once you’ve read every word on this page:

You can fill out the application form here. Fill it out completely (or not) – this is your official application.

We won’t be able to email everyone back – but we will we start interviews immediately. We’ll continue to interview people until we find someone, we’ll take down this page when we’ve found someone. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for taking the time to consider joining our small family. I hope we get to meet soon.

-Adam Baker, Stillmotion Education team

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