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By May 22, 2013August 10th, 2015Business


Sadly, we must announce the retirement of SMAPP.

Unfortunately, we have not had the time, nor the resources, to update SMAPP and port it over for Android.

But that in no way means we don’t still value education. That has commitment has never wavered.

We have put our focus into MUSE ( and developing resources that help you use that. We believe that MUSE will help far more people, and in a far stronger way, so that’s we’ve decided to focus.

We’re so, so glad you all enjoyed the app as much you did. And we have more exciting education initiatives on the horizon. Please stay in touch.

Patrick Moreau

About Patrick Moreau

I love stories that challenge the way we see things.


  • Mahmud says:

    Does Nokia XL support this apps?

  • Aaron says:

    This looks like a great tool! Can’t wait for it to come out for android.

  • Jason says:

    Hey, smapp does not work with iPhone 4 at iOS 7.1.2 I have download it multiple times ad every time I click on the icon it shows me the intro smapp story first and then immediately shuts down taking me back to the home. I tried resetting my phone, reinstalling and havin no other apps runnin. Hope u can fix it

  • Tom says:

    Guys I’m triying to download the app on my iphone4 but keep crashing on opening

    Please fix it-!

  • ben says:

    can not be downloaded in us app market, ios 8.1.

  • amy says:

    had app. it froze. deleted and wanted to reload and it’s vanished. is it unavailable in the iTunes store or am I just missing it?
    Thanks. Heading to Uganda and was really looking forward to using it! bummed.

  • Paul says:

    Is this still available on iTunes? I can’t find it when accessing the App Store on my phone and when trying to locate it via iTunes on my PC, it’s saying it’s not available. ???

  • Rick says:

    Been trying to download SMAPP and it doesn’t appear on the App store. I think I actually had it at one point. What happened?


  • Glenn says:

    can you please bring back the len selector feature… its was so helpfully!!!!

  • niklas seehausen says:

    When will it be available for android

  • Tom says:

    Bought it for a few bucks right when it released a few years ago, but I just lost it when I upgraded my phone. Can’t find it on the App Store anymore. Did you forget to update it?

  • Jose says:

    Android pleaaase! :D

  • Scott says:

    Just purchased you book, and am looking for the App to support the book as recommended. Can’t find it on the app store, is it still available. I am in Australia, I have look on bot the the Aus apps store and the US and can’t find it

  • cough cough… Android please :-)

  • Marco Alvarado says:

    What happend with the app??? I can’t download it anymore

    • Sorry Marco, Apple timed it out as we didn’t have any updates so they just automatically pulled it down.


      • Marcin Rusinowski says:

        maybe it’s possible to convert it to mobile app or any other form of existing. or you need developer to continue it / update. it was great little thing that helps. crowd funding?

        • ya, ideally we’d need to just make it open source or something so that others could develop and build on it. we certainly aren’t opposed to that. we just don’t have the room to focus on it right now.

  • Travis Johansen says:

    Hi Patrick, how’s the porting to Android going? It’s been a couple of years :)
    “we’ll be contracting out the work of porting it over”

    • Hey Travis,
      Sadly we have retired SMAPP as we haven’t had the time and resources to update it an port it over for Android. We have put our focus into MUSE ( and building tools that help you use that. We believe that will help far more people, and in a far stronger way, so that’s where we are focusing.
      Sorry to disappoint.

  • Tushar Joneja says:

    It would be really great to have SMAPP available in some form (such as a web app that can be accessed from the browser, if not a fully featured native app on the App Store/ Google Play Store). While MUSE is a fantastic resource for developing storytelling skills, coupled with SMAPP and the KNOW guide, it’s invaluable and a one-stop-shop solution for storytellers who use film as the medium to convey their stories.

    I hope SMAPP makes its comeback soon!

  • chris says:

    at the cost of sounding insensitive… did any of you read the article AT ALL? i loved SMAPP too folks, but this article clearly says it’s gone. it’s not being ported to android and it’s not being updated. it’s retired and not coming back.