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Adobe Premiere Pro CS62097

We switched over to using CS6 just after it was released, and it was a huge improvement from the older versions. It fixed a lot of the workflow issues that were existent in the old Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

One reason among many that we love this software is that it can handle a ton of native video format and codex without needing to convert them first.

In comparison to the earlier version, this one offers a lot more speed, efficiency, new trimming and color tools, and a simplified UI.

CS6 is what we currently use and love here at our studio… but Adobe just released a newer version that we’re yet to try: Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It’s got a lot of new shortcuts to make editing faster and more streamlined, and it holds all of your Premiere materials in the cloud.

Marmoset Music Marmoset-Music-Logo1

Hey, stealing isn’t cool.

Don’t steal music for your films! Get it properly licensed, from a real-life music licensing company… like our dear friends at Marmoset Music here in Portland.

Get in contact with these guys and tell them what you want to hear in your film, and they’ll do a search through their very large database of artists to find the sound you’re looking for. As a bonus, they’re pretty awesome dudes.

Red Giant PluralEyes 3 redgiantpluraleyes3

Recording and syncing audio separately is always going to be a pain in the butt…  PluralEyes 3 makes it far less painful.

This software is great because it allows for automated syncing of visuals and audio files when they’re recorded separately, and this is going to save you hours of work in post when you’re working on a big project with lots of audio and video files.


Red Giant Colorista 219MB_ColoristaII_1500

This is a great plugin for Premiere Pro or Final Cut that allows you to color your footage in your editing suite without having to deal with a separate program.

It’s robust enough to fully color a film and saves you the time of having to export and reimport your film from another coloring software… very clutch!

We use this program all the time with Premiere because it offers a lot more color options that those built in to the Premiere software.



Blue is blue, right? Wrong!

Different monitors will display your color differently… X-Rite allows you to calibrate your monitor so it shows your color accurately… it makes the process easy and quick (we like that).

Also the suction cup factor is very cool.

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