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‘I like to life my life to the fullest’ was how Anna lured us in for what would be a crazy day in trying to tell as much of their story as possible. we were in Hawaii for another shoot and after that had wrapped we found ourselves with an extra day to relax and hit the beach. we reached out to Anna about hanging out but she’d have none of that – why just hang out when…

a screengrab from the Red Epic of a surfer at North Shore

…we can make a film? we couldn’t really fault her on the logic and things were set in motion.

with any film we do, getting to know the characters is so so important, but when you create a portrait film getting to know your characters not only influences how we film their story, but also what things we look to get in their story. we are very careful to listen first and brainstorm second. with such a short turnaround from green light to production we took a couple long phone sessions and paired that with a string of emails to come up with the basis of the story.

thanks for letting us tell your story Anna. you inspire us 🙂


featuring music by Drexler – Lovely Ghost
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