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[Musings] – introduction and inspiration

By April 4, 2012Uncategorized

i’m ray. call me big T, RT, waymond. whatever it is just don’t call me raymond. that’s reserved for my driver’s license, passport and when i get in trouble.

but even when i’m in trouble i see the glass as half full, that’s just the way i run. i love a good book, fine cheeses and aged scotch. whether that be diving into a great novel or trying a new brand of bourbon, i’m always open for an adventure. sometimes¬†that means i get lost, but…

…more often than not i discover something amazing along the way.

being a part of stillmotion is one big adventure and my responsibilities are ever growing and evolving. aside from shooting and some editing, i manage the san fran studio, our home base where we share, collaborate and work together. i also manage the development of SMAPP and have watched it grow from just a simple idea into a project with a life of its own. we’ve had some long days, late nights and incredible breakthroughs and you can’t imagine how incredibly excited i am for its launch. if you see me buried behind my laptop on a plane or behind a desk i’m probably working on SMAPP. for me, that’s exciting and everyday is as unique as the films we create.

what inspires me most is the challenge of life and the radically different journey that everyone takes. taking someone’s journey and turning that into a film for others to experience can be so rewarding; and through all our travels and all the people we come across i’m constantly inspired by those stories. i try to listen more, talk less and draw from conversations i have with the people i meet at our shoots, my friends and sometimes even the stranger who sits next to me on a plane. there’s a lot of inspiration to draw from there and if given the opportunity people often have a lot to share. i’m listening.


Ray Tsang

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  • George says:

    What the hell happened to justin?

  • Lil'J says:

    hey george – justin’s post went up last week to start off the series. if you click ‘read more + join discussion’ on the previous [musings] post you’ll see his intro there.¬†