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This is true for any film you’ll make, but it’s especially true with short-form edits. Whether the material you’re working with is for commercial or wedding clients, your short-form edits are often the showpiece that is shared, blogged, and talked about. Every frame is a reflection of you and your company, and it’s your job to make sure the audience doesn’t get bored.

What we focus on in this one:

  • A dissection of one of our signature wedding films
  • Patrick Moreau walks you through a Stillmotion highlights film
  • Learn to assemble (and reassemble) shots to create impact in a scene

Viewing Time = 1 hour 15 minutes

Creating a short-form edit can be a rather vague and ambiguous process, and we’ve found that it can be hard to know where to start. we wanted to make this tutorial to provide you with a full framework for taking your footage and making it into a strong short-form edit.

We have a few of these DVDs left and after that they’ll be gone. We are offering a big discount on the DVDs that we have left in stock.

Patrick Moreau

About Patrick Moreau

I love stories that challenge the way we see things.