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Canon 14mm f/2.8L IIcanon14mm

This rectilinear lens offers an ultra wide field of view with more natural edge distortion than other wide lenses in that focal range. This guy is a really great option if you’re shooting with crop sensors when you want to get a truly wide field of view. It also has a short hyperfocal distance, making it a great option for Steadicam.

Watch it in action on the blog.

Canon 24mm f/1.4L II canon24mm

This is part of our core DSLR kit that we bring to many shoots… it rarely leaves our side!

Like all of the Canon L-series primes, it  has a really high build quality and great optics, and at f1/4 it’s great in low light situations.

The bokeh on this lens is gorgeous, and it’s got beautiful colors and contrast.

Canon 35mm f/1.4L canon35mm

This lens is one of our favorites, we rarely set out on a shoot without it.

The 35mm is a wide angle that moves nice and fast, and you can get up close to your subject with a minimum focusing distance of just 25cm.


Canon 50mm f1.2Lcanon50

Also known as the “nifty fifty,” this lens has an outstanding picture quality and it is amazing in low light situations!

It’s also weather resistant, the bokeh is beautiful, and it shoots really gorgeous portraits.While the low aperture rate isn’t for the inexperienced, we would absolutely recommend the 50mm f1.2 to anyone in the market for a 50mm lens.

Canon 135mm f/2LCANON135mm2

Another member of our core DSLR kit, this is our go-to longer prime lens. This lens has a very short minimum focusing distance, and this is what allows it to get an especially beautiful looking background blur.

It’s also compatible with the EF 1.4x II extender, which is another one of our favorites tools.

Watch it in action on the blog.

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8LOKCANON2470

This is one of the most popular Canon zooms, and it offers a great set of features, covering a lot in one package. The focal length gives you wide to medium coverage and at f2.8 it’s a fast lens. It also performs very well in dim lighting.

Its macro feature also comes in handy, giving you macro features without having to bring in a dedicated macro lens — all in all this is just a great zoom lens.

Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS24-105

This is our go-to lens for the majority of our handheld event work. It’s great for capturing movement on the go!

It gives you a huge focal range to work with and the image stabilization is crucial for getting that raw feel, without making it difficult to watch.

The image stabilization is great for handheld shots, works great in vehicles as well. It covers a fairly wide focal range, giving you lots of options in a single lens.

Find it on the blog.

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