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We often get this idea in our head of a story we’d like to tell or a film we’d like to make. We can see it. Then we show up with our camera and things are moving just a little bit faster than we imagined. Everything isn’t lining up just right. So we just try and shoot everything we can. We start getting extra shots just to make sure we are covered.

And then you get home and the doubt starts to set in. All you can think of is – “I sure hope I got it.”

KNOW is a Filed Guide to help you through that uncertainty. KNOW is all about understanding how every decision affects story.

  • Why does lighting from below feel unnatural and scary?
  • Why does a centered composition give a character authority?
  • Why, and how, does a slider feel different than a Steadicam or Movi?

Every one of the 367 pages of this book is designed to provide information that would have saved us years of development, countless all-nighters, dozens of impulsively purchased pizzas, and a few miles of running through airports.

Here’s what this field guide covers:

  • How to find your voice & style as a filmmaker. Because you’re not a tripod.
  • Pre-production will save your life: how and why?
  • Write a bid and treatment that will make your client fall in love with you
  • The basics of lighting, why it matters, and how it shapes your story
  • Understanding audio and how to prevent bad audio from ruining your movie
  • How to choose the perfect lens and composition for every shot
  • When to move (and when NOT to move) the camera
  • An in-depth case study of two of Stillmotion’s films; a wedding and a commercial piece.

A combination of our own stories, step-by-step guidelines, and interactive worksheets will make this field guide your best friend throughout the filmmaking process.

Patrick Moreau

About Patrick Moreau

I love stories that challenge the way we see things.