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Jamie and Carey // mawwage is what bwings us togeder tooday

By April 2, 2012Uncategorized

“mawwage is what bwings us togeder tooday”. sweet and quirky are just two words to describe Jamie and Carey, one of the most memorable and funny moments that we encountered in this week long wedding shoot was watching Carey and the officiant, who was also a close friend, practice the opening line to the wedding ceremony. it was when we were watching and capturing this moment that we knew this wedding film was going to be something special.

with Jamie being a wedding planner, we decided to go out in a limb and follow their own wedding planner around the beautiful city of Paris as she was setting up their wedding, this gave us a behind-the-scenes look and we were able to capture moments that were not only important to Jamie+Carey but also revealed how the small details that went into the wedding all came together – from their childhood photos being set-up as a display, to the origami roses each of their family members and friends made as their place holders, to their favourite pastry being used as their wedding favour.

having their entire family and circle of friends with them in Paris was very special to Jamie and Carey, the week long holiday was not about the wedding but about friends and family spending time together, creating memories and enjoying experiences that they can all share with “a wedding on the side”. we traveled with them on a tour of paris, made eau de cologne together and watched them make origami rose place holders – where we realized that Carey can only make one half of the rose, and Jamie can only make the other. Jamie+Carey truly compliment each other, from the origami rose to their emotional vows and by the end of making their film, it was very obvious to us that “Carey (indeed) loves Jamie”.

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