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The Best Tools For Story First Filmmaking

By June 3, 2014Uncategorized
A curated list of all the equipment we currently use to bring the strongest stories to life. Updated August 11th, 2014



Camera Support

Manfrotto Monopod MVM500A

There Manfrotto Monopod has been with us on almost every single shoot. The Monopod is an incredibly versatile camera stabilizer that gives us the ability to mimic camera movement that is smoother than shooting handheld, can be locked off to feel like a tripod, or with practice, can be made to create sliding and small jib type movements. The Monopod’s small size and light weight allows you to stay quick on your feet, take up a small footprint, and achieve a large spectrum of perspectives (tall/short) unlike any other stabilizer. This is the tool that you never leave home wihtout (PURCHASE LINK)




Understanding how to best use light in your environment is the foundation of creating a beautiful composition. Whenever we walk into a space, we first observe what light is already present and what it does in the space. How does the light interact with the color of the wall? What color does the light reflect off of the floor? How does the light change throughout the day as the earth’s position changes in relation to the sun? What objects in the space reflect light?

With an understanding of what feeling we are looking to create in the camera, we then determine what lighting tools we will use to create a lighting environment that best brings to those feelings to life. Using lighting tools that most easily and effectively create the lighting plot we desire is the first step in creating impact in a story.

Profoto ProDaylight 400 HMI

The Daylight HMI is the workhorse of lighting solutions. The light from the ProDaylight 400 HMI is strong and large. We often use thie ProDaylight to bring a lot of light into a room or even to light an interview that is being conducted outdoors. The ProDaylight is daylight balanced and has many options for diffusion with various softboxes and modification when paired with a Cinereflecto  (PURCHASE LINK)

Kino Flo Celeb 200 DMX LED Center Mount Kit

We never travel without the Celeb. It is hands down the most useful light we own. The Celeb is perfect in most interviews as a key light source, the light bulbs LED (meaning it’s super friendly for international use), and the color temperature is adjustable allowing you to match the color of the Celeb to any other light in your in environment. (PURCHASE LINK)

Wescott Ice light

If the Manfrotto Monopod was the Ninja’s sword, the Wescott Ice Light would be the Ninja’s throwing star. Just like the Celeb, we never leave the studio an Ice Light. The Ice Light can be a perfect background light, it can be a great hair light, it can add just a touch of light to your interview composition’s fill, it can do so much more and then some…The Ice Light has a long battery life, is daylight balanced (or can be made tungsten with a CTO), and emits a very solid amount of light in a ridiculously small form factor. (PURCHASE LINK)

Wescott 5-in-1 Reflector

The Wescott 5-in-1 Reflector is the best bang for the buck when it comes to modifying light. This reflector packs very easily and has many options for reflecting, diffusing, or blocking a small light source. The Wescott 5-in-1 is a great tool to have on hand when you’re looking to make the most of limited light sources and need to travel with a small footprint (PURCHASE LINK)

Wescott Scrim Jim 8×8

Just like the 5-in-1 Reflector, the Wescott Scrim Jim is a perfect solution for reflecting, diffusing, or blocking light. However, the Scim Jim 8×8 is much much larger than the 5-in-1 reflector and thus can modify a much larger amount of light. Fortunately, the Scrim Jim 8×8 packs very tightly and is super light weight. The Wescott Scrim Jim 8×8 is yet another lighting tool we never leave home without (PURCHASE LINK)







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