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extreme enduro // nashville

By August 28, 2011January 22nd, 2018News

we’ve got a big day tomorrow and it’s a bit past my bedtime, so i’ll be quick.

today i flew to nashville to meet up with ray and jeff (jeff’s the captain of this particular adventure). once my temporarily delayed suitcase joined us, we drove down to little-town Sequatchie to hang out with tomorrow’s top contenders.

what exactly is extreme enduro? (this was a question i had to ask before coming down here). well, it’s an adrenaline rush. jeff explained to me that it’s like motocross on steroids. it outdoors, it’s on super rough terrain, and it seems to end in broken bones more often than i would have expected.

tomorrow’s race day, and with ray on cinema and me on stills, we’re gonna have some really great opportunities!

stay tuned for more.



don’t be fooled by this seemingly peaceful terrain. it may look nice, but if you aren’t careful, it’ll bite you when you’re not looking.


serenity now.


one of the tamer parts of the course…


and one of the bumpier parts of the course. can you imagine riding along THIS kind of gravel?


ahhhh. such tasty light.


one of tomorrow’s competitors, wild wally, has a serious leg injury from an accident 2 weeks ago. here are his 2 rides:  the bike he’ll be riding tomorrow in the race (i still can’t believe he’s competing with a limp), and his “cutesy” scooter that casually gets him around. basically, it’s his wheelchair.


shot with a lens that exaggerates the size of the scooter in relation to the bike. notice how big the front wheel is? any guesses as to which lens?


i’m really excited for this. wally agreed to “jump” over me tomorrow. he’s going to launch himself off this mound while i lie in the dust under him bursting frames. assuming i survive this, i’ll post the result tomorrow.


the cinema team gets the lowdown from the event’s organizer. shot on the trials course.


arguably the worlds best extreme enduro racer, taddy błażusiak. for him, tomorrow’s all about having a good time.

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