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Back when we started weddings, our films were hours long and we included just about everything in our packages. We looked at the main feature – the longer edit delivered to the couple – as something that was to be slow and drawn out coverage of the day.

But over the years we started challenging ourselves to make even this longer feature into a story. And as we did, we went from including something that was 60-90 minutes long to charing $3,500 for just a main feature that was, on average, 12-20 minutes long.

In this DVD we’ll show you a complete Main Feature and break down how it was built. This is not a DVD on editing, it’s a deep look at how to craft a main feature that is entertaining and tells a story. And one that you can charge a premium for.

In this DVD you’ll sit down with Patrick Moreau as he deconstructs the choices we made throughout our adventure in Paris shooting Jamie and Carey’s wedding.

Stuff we’ll cover in this DVD:

  • Staying in line with the vision throughout the shoot
  • Editor and shooter relationships: they’re a beautiful thing
  • Making a bunch of little stories into one big story
  • Organizing EVERYTHING into a long-form edit

Basically, if you’re dying to know why we do the things we do, this DVD is going to show you why— and how, and when, and what, and where….

We have a few of these DVDs left and after that they’ll be gone. We are offering a big discount on the DVDs that we have left in stock.

Patrick Moreau

About Patrick Moreau

I love stories that challenge the way we see things.