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Canon 5D MKIIImk3

The long anticipated successor to the MKII, this baby is a great full frame sensor camera with several video improvements over the MKII.

This camera offers up to 30 minutes of continuous recording time, as well as the ability for free-run or rec-run time code.
Compared to the MK II, it has improved low light performance and reduced moire/aliasing, all with a full frame sensor.

Cons: Only offers recording to H264 format.

Read our full review of the MKIII here.


This is one of Canon’s most affordable options, and definitely the best camera you can buy for its price. We use the C100 ALL THE TIME and we truly love it!

It’s lightweight, ergonomic form factor makes for great speed and mobility. It has all the standard plugin ports for audio and monitoring options. It uses zebra bars and waveforms, and has the great image quality you would get from a larger sensor.

Cons: It can only shoot up to 30 fps in 1080 🙁

Canon 1DCcanon1Dc

Say hello to our little friend! The Canon 1DC is a ten pounds of fun in a five pound bag — we usually break it out for special projects. Think of it as the RED Epic’s more athletic, younger brother.

It shoots 4k really high resolution, small and compact and user friendly form factor. Great if you’re looking for high resolution as well as speed and mobility — we took it rock climbing!

Cons: The 1DC uses CF cards, which will fill up really quickly. Also it doesn’t shoot in raw, so you’ll need to make sure you’re shooting correctly the first time around

You can read our full review of the 1DC on the blog.

RED Epic redepic2

Aside from investing in ourselves… this camera is probably the wisest investment we’ve made as a company. With 5K resolution and stunning slow motion, you know when you’re looking at RED footage… because it looks incredible.

It has super high resolution, and it can shoot in 5K. It also shoots in raw, so you have the freedom of changing color dramatically in post and the image will still look great. It’s also capable of shooting really high frame rates, up to 300 fps. And the EF-mount allows us to use the same lenses as we do on our Canon DSLR!

Cons: Some people wonder why we don’t just shoot with this camera all the time. We would, but it’s one drawback is that it isn’t as mobile, so it’s slower to shoot with and fits best for produced shoots where things aren’t happening too fast.

Check out our BTS video on the Red Epic here.

RED Scarletred-scarlet

We love the Scarlet for many of the same reasons we love the Epic, as they share a lot of the same functions — the cool part is that the Scarlet is significantly less expensive!

We’d say the biggest difference is that the Scarlet really isn’t very functional in 5K, but make no mistake that this is an amazing camera for shooting in 4K.

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