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Camera Support

By July 18, 2013Uncategorized

Camera Support

Small HD DP6 Field Monitor smallHD

A monitor can be extremely helpful when it comes to viewing the image as you are recording and during playback. SmallHD makes some of the best monitors and has 1280×800 resolution for a stunning image. Its range of features include peaking, false color, and 1:1 scaling — all of which can certainly improve your shooting and viewing experience.

It’s got great optical quality and wide range of inputs, comes with hood for exterior viewing in bright spaces, and has multiple battery options (like the Canon LP-E6, same as that for many Canon DSLRs) so that you can share batteries across platforms.

Womp womp: the HDMI connector port isn’t great, it can cause the signal to cut out at times.

Cinevate Simplis Universal Quick Release Mounting Platemountingplate

The Simplis is a beefed up version of the popular Manfrotto quick release plate.

It takes the same Manfrotto plate so you can keep the same system you have for all your camera and supports, but it also adds a ton of mounting options around the side for other accessories. This allows you to scale your rig as needed, without adding too much to the base, it’s one of our favorite pieces of gear and one we use often.

Lots of mounting space all around the plate gives you a ton of options for accessories. Additionally it accepts mounting plates of various sizes via an adjustable piece on top, and the locking system moves on a horizontal plane rather than vertical.

Zacuto Z-FinderZfinderlarge

This is one of the best view finder options available. It’s extremely durable and well built, and we use it to shoot handheld all the time.

With both 2.5X and 3.0X magnification and multiple mounting options this is the best way to help see the imagery off the back of the screen, which is especially helpful for focus and exposure in bright outdoor environments. And the anti-fog piece helps even in the most demanding environments. The Z-Finder adds stability by being a third contact point between you and your camera when you’re shooting handheld.

Cons: The anti-fog piece is not built-in, so it can fall out pretty easily.

Zacuto EVFEVF.FrontPagePhoto

This is a premiere electronic viewfinder option from Zacuto, with advanced features like peaking and zebra bars to help with focus and exposure. It works with a host of different cameras and has full HDMI connectors. It comes in four different modes (EVF, EVF Flip, Zfinder EVF and Zfinder EVF Pro) so there’s one for everybody.

The screen is wonderful and has a resolution up to 800×480. And… BOOM it has an HDMI port  so you can loop through to another monitor or device .

Cons: Like so many HDMI connector ports in this world, it isn’t always secure so it can occasionally disconnect.

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