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Kelly Moore BagsKMBRF

A regular old camera bag has a very specific look… black, sporty, and ugly.

But Kelly Moore’s bags look damn good, and inside they’ve got all the storage compartments you need for a camera body, a few lenses, your important paperwork, a sandwich, and a good book.

Amina rocks her Kelly Moore everywhere she goes, and if you didn’t know any better you might not even guess that she’s a photographer… just a lady with a nice lookin’ bag.


This is a neoprene lens bag made to take right on the set of your shoot. It holds up to 3 lenses as well as small camera accessories right by your side. It keeps the lenses protected from the elements, and it’s  perfect for event type shooting. It also comes in a variety of colors to boot.

The bag is low profile and light, perfect for travel. Also the inside of the cover doubles as a lens cloth!

The Shootsac doesn’t have much padding on the outside, so it’s better for day use and event shooting. You’ll want to watch  out for your larger diameter lenses, however, as the bag isn’t built to accommodate them super well.

Tenba Roadie II Rolling Case tenbaroadie

We are constantly flying… and love our Rodie!

Sleek and compact, this case on wheels packs a punch. You can fit a medium-sized professional DSLR, camera system, some lenses and plenty of other goodies in here… as well as padded laptop sleeve that will fit your 15-inch computer.

There are extra compartments up top in the briefcase, and above all this case can even fit under many airline seats.

Tenba Medium Air Case With Wheelsimages

This is a well built, nicely padded travel case with wheels and removable dividers, making it suitable for a whole host of shoots and needs.

The body is relatively light but durable and the wheels make it a breeze to move through the airport and on location.

Bonus: water repellant!

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