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Tascam DR-40DR40

We use our Tascam DR-40 all the time! Generally we use it as a secondary audio recorder, or we’ll plug a lav mic into it for wireless recording. You can even plug an XLR cable into it and go directly into your camera.

It’s relatively lightweight and very portable, and boots up in just 4 seconds or less. It also provides phantom power for maximum convenience when you need it. The battery life is great — anywhere from 3-7 hours of life depending on the type of microphone you’re using.

One thing we really hate during a shoot is having to go through elaborate menus in order to change settings and controls on our equipment. The DR-40 has really intuitive controls, it doesn’t require much menu navigating… we really like that.

Highly recommended!

NTG 3 Shotgun Micshotgun

This mic has great audio quality on both the boom and attached right onto the camera, but it’s going to give you the best results when used professionally.

The mic is weather proof and can be used for outside recording as well as inside, and it’s generally got great range and pickup.

Overall this is the best value in a shotgun mic — something pricier might get you a crisper sound, but in this price range you’ll be hard pressed to find something that delivers as well as the NTG 3.

Rode Blimp Rode_blimp_side

We recommend using any blimp mic when shooting outdoors to minimize wind noise — and we use the Rode blimp here at Stillmotion.

We like this guy because it uses a 2-stage barrier system. The outer barrier slows down the wind, while the inner dead space further cuts it down.

We don’t recommend using a blimp indoors, however, because you’re still putting something around your mic, which is not the purest form of audio you could get.

Shure FP WirelessShure-FP-wireless-Mic-1

The Shure FP Wireless System features a sync button to easily sync the receiver and transmitter together — this is really valuable, as many other systems require you to dial in the exact frequency.

It also has a trusty knob to adjust the volume! Some things should always be manual…

It’s also more affordable than other wireless systems of this caliber. Score!

Rode PinMic

Oh baby, oh baby — this is a really simple LAV mic that allows you to hide the mic without having to deal with tape or elaborate hiding solutions.


With proper, matching clothing you can place this mic on your talent in plain view and no one will be able to see it. Since you don’t have to hide it, you won’t have any issues with rubbing.

Depending on clothing color, fabric, and patterns you may not be able to use this mic. However, you can get the PinMic with a neutral-colored cap that can be painted to match the clothing.

Countryman B6

Wow, you can barely see this little guy!


Truly a very tiny and precious LAV, the Countryman B6 gets really great audio quality and is very small and easy to hide.

You’ll want to be careful about where you place the mic (or any small LAV mic). A nice central location, like underneath a neck tie, for example — is going to give you much more even audio quality than on one side of your subject.

For some tips on hiding a wireless LAV, check out our wireless audio blog post.

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