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28 legs // melissa & stan & co.

By April 5, 2012Uncategorized

one of the most beautiful things about Melissa + Stan is their immense love of animals. and we loved seeing something that’s so important to both of them pretty much everywhere on their day! from the horses M rode in with to the little frog she and her best friend saved that morning, everywhere you turned there was a piece of who they are….

the cake, made by M’s best friend, with no prior cake-making experience! pretty good if you ask me.


the morning walk with 20 legs. 


once home from the walk, we all drooled over crepes. strawberry-filled goodness.


meanwhile, the boys were getting a workout. 


very carefully, Cody is raised into position. an elderly fellow with a few chronic illnesses, he’s still happy and quite the trooper.


the ceremony wouldn’t be complete without beverages for our loved ones.


apparently, willow branches are more interesting than, well, anything.


a whisper in one ear passed on to the next, and the next, tends to become something else entirely.


a time out in the shade provides some family time.


demonstration: i do not have moose lips. (inside joke).


does that smile get any wider?


your face looks yummy.


moments after lick-fest.


our way of tying the ceremony in with the reception in their book. a great vehicle for time-shifting.

in the middle of dinner, i grabbed my camera and sprinted out of the room. i got some weird looks for sure, but i knew this light would only exist for a few precious moments. 


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